Paul Southin

Only just heard the news. Totally shocking! though we didn't see eye to eye on some things, you were definitely a character and half!! RIP fella and best wishes to your family

Kevin suchley

Beany hadn't seen you for some years but still shocked and saddened that your no longer with us,still have fond memories of the karting days we had.... RIP

Steve Cowell

Oh no! Not you Beany. Why is it always the good ones? I remember how quick you could run at school! Good footballer too! I only found out today, so sorry. Bless you, thoughts with your friends and family. Special thoughts with you Birdy. Steve.


we were friends in our youth lost contact many years ago but have so many good memories you in your TR7 me in the topmix van all down the jubilee getting as many as i could in the back . thanks for the memories mate love to all friends and family .RIP

Dean Hutton

worked with Beany in the late 80s very sad news so young my thought are with his family

fay evans

i have learnt of this sad news, although i have not seen u for many moons , i recall with happy memmories playing out on our bikes in nevern road, living next door to you climbing the trees in the garden,doing what kids do, my thoughts are with family

Steve Cunningham

Although we came in the industry at the same time Andy (beany) was certainly one if the most influential and driven colleagues I have ever met, he formed the foundation and building block 's for an industry so new to the UK Commiserations to his family he will be sadly missed

Andrew Bright

I knew Andy just as he was forming the company. I took him to our Spurs box more than any other customer. Why, because I really really liked him. We stayed in contact mostly through our love of Spurs. When he became the success he was and left to join another industry, we still stayed in touch. I am totally shocked by this news. I have only just found out because I was about to invite him to Spurs for the Arsenal game. RIP mate, you were a lovely man who made things happen for othersas well as yourself. I am very sad.

Martin Riches

I have not seen you for twenty years but have memories of playing football for the school and one season at Lodge when we were young, especially you scoring the winning goal in the cup final in our last year. My stepdaughter and your daughter are going to college together soon and a chance to see you again has gone. My sympathy to you family and Birdy the world is worse off without you

Sue Cribbs & Kevin Martin

Beany, it was a real pleasure knowing you, if only for a short period of time since Lauren joined the Vikings last year. You are one of those special people who has touched so many lives. We will miss your happy smiling face on the side line along with your kindness & generosity to the club. Our sincere condolences go to Justine, Ellie, Harriet & Mason..

Passos Frédéric

Hello Andrew, Je me souviens de notre prémiér rendez-vous, c'était un diner à Roissy autour d'une belle table ou malgré la barriére de la langue je ressentait ta joie de vivire et ton implication à protéger les intérets de Sharpfibre. Et je garderais en mémoire l'addition qui s'est jouée sur un pile ou face. Quel bon souvenir. Amicalement. Au nom de toute l'équipe Freitag. Amicalement.

Chris Easton

Beany you will be sorely missed.You always took time out to talk to me and always had a smile on your face.I still remember the fun times at (kitson,Firestopit) functions with you and Justine. A great guy and i feel honoured to have known you. God Bless

Sonia Shah

I know you and my dad go back a long time and we all have fond memories of you here. Our thoughts are with your family. We will miss you.


Goodnight Beany, God Bless xxxx

Virginie MORDANT

Andrew, nous nous connaissions peu, mais à chacune de nos rencontres je retiens ta convivialité, ta bonne humeur et ton professionnalisme. Mon anglais étant limité, j'avais souvent besoin d'un interprète pour discuter de Jussieu et des affaires en France, mais juste avant les fêtes de fin d'année, tu étais fier de me parler en français. Bravo, pour tout ce que tu as réalisé. Mes pensées se tournent vers ta famille en cette période douloureuse. Sincères condoléances.

Andy Beales

Beany .. I am finding it hard to believe that you are no longer with us anymore, the past 3 weeks has been hard and there has not been a day gone by that I don’t think about you and that you are no longer with us still, I keep expecting to see you but I know your still there looking over us making sure that your family and your friends are ok and doing well. I have lost a friend but I know today when we say our goodbye’s it is not really goodbye but just see you later……. Andy

mark Olly

"Beany" i have known you 26 years and what a privelage its been..i have many many memories which i will cherish! From days out at Tottenham with you, work functions, partys and the day you bought your red Lotus. Now the funny work in the office, you in the toilet with your pants round your ankles and me with the fireworks under the door, the bangers under the desk..and of course not forgetting me getting lost all the time in the Basildon triangle, mate they are great memories which i will remember always, thankyou for everything!! A truly amazing man and will be sadly missed Kate and i will keep in touch with Justine, Ellie Harriot and Mason..god bless ole buddy. Mark Olly, Kate, Riley, Megan and Maddy.xxxx

stefan morarov

Thanks for everything BEANY, never forget you! - Scrachi

stephen hart

youll be truelly missed beaney you was not only a great boss but a great friend with a kind heart. rest in peace beaney my thoughts are with your family and everyone at sharpfibre

Guillaume Verbist

Beany, Mon patron, you gave me the biggest chance of my life to better myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opporutnity. Now you have departed, I will never ever forget the advice you gave to me. You will always be with me for the rest of my life. My thoughts are with all your family and friends at this time. I will never forget our first meeting at Charles de Gaulle airport when you asked to talk with me and showed me so much respect for my work with the company. Sleep well. I will miss you. Beany, Mon patron, tu m'as donné une chance unique de faire de moi une personne meilleure et je veux t'en remercier du fond du coeur. Maintenant que tu est parti, je n'oublierai jamais tes précieux conseils. Tu seras toujours auprès de moi. Mes pensées en ces instants douloureux vont à ta famille et tes amis. Je n'oublierai jamais notre première rencontre à l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle au cours de laquelle tu m'as témoigné un si grand respect pour mon travail au sein de l'entreprise. Dors bien. Tu me manqueras toujours.

Yazmin Holloway

Beaney, you were a larger than life character, never afraid to speak your mind born out of the passion you had for the fire stopping industry. Taken far too soon. My thoughts go out to your wife, children and family & all at Sharpfibre xx


Since we first meet you was always a very straight talking person I knew I could trust , as time has passed and we got to know each other more I grew to respect you as a friend . Your passing has left both me and everybody around me numb, i will never forget you and all the hours I.spent in your compny . My thoughts are with your family and friends at this time .may you rest in peace sleep tight (beany) till we meet once more

Simon Rose

just heard, in shock, sincere condolances to all your family, friends and the many, many people in the industry that will miss you greatly. Our golf trip in October certainly won't be the same without you. Collars up Beany, onto the next job.

Karen Hall

It was a priviledge to have known you Beany - one of life's true gentlemen. God Bless

Rob Shurety

I am deeply saddened and so sorry to hear of your passing......your good humour, cry of "here comes dick turpin" and deep love of all things insurance (yeah right!) will long stick in my memory. Sincerest condolences to your family and all at Sharpfibre....a very sad loss Rob


adrew, we were all deeply sadded to hear the devastated news of your sudden death, you were allaways a breath og fresh air at our meeting's and we will miss your presents and banter for a long while to come. we woulg like tu expre'ss our sincere condolences to your dear wife and family also all your work colleges (french and english) at sharpfibre. you will be missed by all for a long time to come R.I.P. ALL AT SNADEC TOUTE L EQUIPE DE JUSSIEU SE JOINT A VOUS POUR CES MOMENTS DIFFICILES. RESPECTUEUSEMENT

Lyn Goodhead

Andy became my biggest client when I used to supply Sharpfibre with all their office stationery. It didn't take long for us then to become freinds. Like to many other people it has come as a big shock to heasr about his death, Of course my heart goes out to Justine and the children. Such a larger than life person who will be greatly missed by so many. God Bless

Andy Haken

Beany, we shared some fun times and projects together over the years, and your energy and enthusiasm was always an inspiration to everyone around you, and ensured things were done right, but always with an element of fun. A true party lover, and usually at the center of it ensuring everyone was having a great time. I am sure where ever you have gone to now, you will continue to make a an impression, and will be watching over your family and friends as we continue to muddle on in this ever changing world. Thank you for all your words of wisdom and generosity. You will be missed. Andy.H

David Cusack

He'll be sadly missed by many. Hes short hes round his feet don't touch the ground... yes he was an angel!

Morgan Sousa

Beany, Your charisma, enthusiasm, drive and passion were inspiring to us all. We miss you. Our thoughts are with your family.

Steve Rutherford

It is such a shock and a terrible shame that Beany should leave this world so soon, my sympathy to his family and Birdy. I knew Beany since senior school and he was always a kind, generous and funny man. I have great memories of racing him around Rayleigh in his Orange Triumph TR7 and me in my Mums old Ford Corsair and around fields at night with our headlights off !!! And then laughing about it at the Silver Jubilee Pub, he had a great smile and sense of humor. I have not seen him in many years since as I live and work in America but I know of his kindness and generosity through my Father who Beany and Birdy were kind enough to give him work. He will be sorely missed.

danny peacock

beanie we lost touch for many years but i remember working away with you up liverpool . the digs in that pub for 8 quid a night with a hole in the window , one door one the wardrobe and flees in the with your pernod and black. we went on that london to brighton jag run in your black xjs , pet shop boys blasting great day will miss you mate. justine and children im so sorry for your lose.

Paul, Mandy & Sophie Rhodes

Dearest Beaney words seem inadequate to express our sense of loss at the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Justine, Ellie, Harriett & Mason as well as your family, friends and colleagues. We had the great pleasure of meeting you through football and will be forever grateful for your committment and generosity to the girls' team. We will also always remember Alton Towers but the dads go-kart race also springs to mind when you kept your cards very close to your chest and only revealed that you had done some racing before when you were standing on the winners podium! We will never forget your smile, your kindness and the joy you bought to our lives. Rest in peace, all our love Paul, Mandy, Luke & Sophie xxx

Tanguy Godard

Beany, I would like thank you for everything. During the 6 years I have been working for you, you looked after me, you offered me your great hospitality. You gave me a huge opportunity and I will never forget you. I will never forget too how to transform Bumbulbee into a car or a robot. You will stay in my heart as a great model. rest in peace. Justine, Elle, Hariett and Mason please receive my condolences

Adam, Mat and Mel Harper

Beany was the first man to give me advice on the working environment- to start each morning keeping up with current events. On the lavatory. His enthusiastic and outgoing nature was a real help during my two weeks as a young teenager. He may not be with us, but his presence remains – Adam Harper I will always have fond memories of Beany, as the man who took me to his box at Spurs, and who impressed me with his agility when it came to reacting to ‘The Sandwich Man’. A truly generous man with a vibrant character to boot, he will be missed by so many – Mat Harper I always enjoyed visiting my Dads office as a young Girl, and Beany was always one of the reasons why. His generous nature meant I never left empty handed, and I know my Dad appreciated his best efforts when it came to not swearing in front of me – Melissa Harper


Beany we are so proud to have known you for so long. We have so much to thank you for, you made our life what it is today. There was never a day go by when we did not mention your name. Our hearts go out to Justine, Ellie, Hariett and Mason. You will continue to be in our thoughts and will be greatly missed.

lee cowlin

what a nice person known him for 33 years wish the world was full of people like him lee

Matt "Harry Potter" Walker

I was lucky enough to meet Beany when I worked at Canary Wharf. The first thing that struck me about Beany was his enthusiasm - for Spurs, for his family and friends, for his work, for life. He was a man who loved to share the gift of joy - for instance, he introduced me to one of my Southend United heroes, Dave Cusack; and when Southend drew Spurs in the League Cup, of course Beany was straight on the phone to me, to get me around to his box at The Lane. In return, all I could do was treat him to an afternoon in the South Upper at Roots Hall (sorry Beany!) - but we loved it all the same. My happiest memory of Beany, though, is when he helped me pull a prank on my room-mate at Canary Wharf - Clare "Goonetta" Kay. Clare had been the local paper as "Face in the Crowd" - and between me, Mr. T, Beany and (I think) his bruv, we put together a series of fake magazine covers, with Clare as the fashion model. Beany would have made a brilliant fashon agent.... or indeed a comic actor, so convincing were his calls, imploring Clare to join his modelling agency. He had us all in stitches. I guess that's how I'll always remember Beany - absolutely full of laughter, joy, a zest for life and a wish to share his happiness with those lucky enough to be his friends. You've gone too soon, mate - see you in the footy stadium in the sky.

tania carmichael-sitch

I hadn't seen Beany many times over past years, but Wren always kept us up to date with the news!!. I always remember him with such fond memories of an all round good guy, who had a big heart and was fun, fun, fun. What lovely messages and tributes to a true gent xxxx

Nigel and Sally-Anne Dilley

Mate, 21 years ago I left Sharpfibre to join Essex Fire & Rescue Service and although time has moved on the memories of the working with you and Birdy, poor old Stuart, Russ, Colin, Frank, John, Brett, and all the rest never faded. It was a great honour to be invited to the big 25th bash last year and very emotional to see many of my old muckers, all of us a little older and with less hair (apart from Birdy of course!). I know you will be sorely missed by all who knew you, god bless you mate......

Thierry PERNOT

Andrew my Best enemy, We probably spent too much time together to solve issues, and didn’t take enough time to celebrate accomplishment of great projects you did in Paris or London; so much bags in 10 years ! Reading these elogious messages, I realize I missed the best part of you, you left so early… See you later on the other side, front of a glass of Bordeaux; we’ll not have any more reason to fight and we will talk about the old times; sure we’ll be friends for ever.

Fraser Abbott

Beany will be sadly missed , always needing something on the quick with his smile and banter how could you say no.

Carl Atkinson

Beany - We first met back in 1987 at the Daily Mail project on Surrey Quays, what a magical journey you have had mate with many a good time had. So sad that this part of your journey ended so quickly, may your next journey be just as magical - you are a top bloke Andy. We'll all miss you.........

Dan Frank

This is a personal message to a true business friend.I am sorry to see you go this early when you have given so much and had lots more to give. Have helped make this tough business into a pleasurable relationship and dealt with good humour over problems and good times. You have left behind many buildings but also people and cars covered in grey Monokote, but in the end happy to receive a free carwash or a replacement Armani suit that they may have only dreamed of before passing the building! Good by good friend you will be missed. DF


My mate for 20 years ,miss you son ,next time we meet i.ll be the govenor you be the sprayer !

Pete and Michelle Lone

Andy...Reading these tributes it is so obvious to all that you are one top bloke. The wedding gift you gave us 8 yrs ago from spurs is still on the wall in our lounge! Also the box you kindly lent us to watch the brugge game, is still a very much a talking point from our sons. Whenever we didn't have enough loyalty points for tickets you always came through. You were always such a busy man, but it was never far too much trouble.
Our thoughts are with Justine, Ellie, Harriet and Mason, your Mum, Dad and your little Bruv.
God bless mate xxxx

Adrian Read

Dreadful news... Bean Bag was always great company, engaging and generous. At the end of any conversation with Beany you felt better for having met up him. Loved his Spurs, perno & black, nice clothes and eye catching cars. Even more so he loved to talk about his family and ask about yours; make sure everything was ok for you and wish you luck. And what a great laugh he had. Top man Beany... you'll be missed.


We were deeply saddened to hear the tragic news of the loss of Beany, he will be saddly missed and our thoughts will be with his loving family.

Bob and Yvonne

Beany will be sadly missed our love and condolences go to Justine Elle Harriet and Mason a precious family xxx


A tragic loss far too soon in the world.Our paths had only recrossed last year ,after first meeting each other on primary school football fields. A really engaging person with a brilliant laugh ,who always wanted to be as good as he could at whatever he did .Even his chipping was getting better! Thoughts are with all members of Beanys family,especially Justine,Ellie,Harriet Mason and close work colleagues at this time.

Andre Villas-Boas, head Coach - Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Dear Justine, Elle, Harriet & Mason.
It is with great sadness that we have heard the news of the loss of Andrew. We have been made aware that he supported Tottenham Hotspur all of his life, was a box holder for many years and loved football. We should like to extend my deepest condolences to you and your family on behalf of all the staff and players here at the club. We know that he will be sadly missed. Our sympathy goes out to you all at this difficult time. Kind regards. Andre Villas-Boas, head Coach - Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

john cordery

So sorry to hear the sad news . As a life long friend of Andy he will truly be missed. Our thoughts are with his family.


Cher Andrew, je suis très fier et heureux d'avoir travaillé avec toi et Sharpfibre. Pour sûr une de mes plus belles rencontres professionnelles. Ta conscience professionelle, ta franchise et ton sens de l'humour resteront longtemps dans mes souvenirs. Marc

Keith Barclay

Dear All, Shocked by the news is an understatement. Unfortunately I can't make it to the funeral. But my thoughts and sympathy will be with you all at this difficult time

Mark Winter

Had the audacity to phone me up while driving through the center of Paris after taking a photo of a shop sign "Winter Sucks" - he was beside himself after finally realising how I get so many orders! Beany you are a ledge and will be missed, Winterman x

Les Davis

you took care of me when i moved to london 20 years ago. you gave me work and have been supportive in all avenues i have taken . most of all you have been a great friend. will miss the phone calls, banter, nights out and most of all you. les and family. x

Paul Pascoe

Rest In Peace mate...a good friend...and'll be sadly missed x

Choplin Jean-Pierre

At the first glance we could see that Beany was a fair and square man who look at you in the eyes and had a frankly shake-hand. And the future confirmed this opinion. He was a loyal partner and I do regret him a lot. All my thoughts are going to his wife and of course to his children who had not only a father but mostly a true and sincere life guide. May God help them to follow his example. Au revoir Ami "le boss".


My wife and myself have been greatly saddened by the loss of Beany. Beany had such an enormous charachter that his presence in the industry will be greatly missed. I still cherish many, many happy memories passed in Beany's company on the projects in France that we have both worked on ---- (visits to the Pomme D'Or at Mesnil Amelot will never be the same again). Beany will be missed, the world is a sadder place, our industry is a sadder industry to work in and I deeply regret not being able to joust with Beany during the project I am now doing. The world has lost a great ambassador and our thoughts and prayers go out to those he has left behind.


Mon mari, qui travaillait depuis plusieurs années avec Andrew, m’avait souvent parlé de lui, mais je ne le connaissais pas. Je l’ai rencontré en juin, en Angleterre, pour les 25 ans de Sharpfibre. J’ai découvert un homme d’une grande hospitalité, joyeux, convivial, simple et généreux. J’ai également apprécié son humour, sa vivacité d’esprit et sa joie de vivre. Je sais qu’il s’est bien amusé durant ce week-end. Andrew, tu as bien fait d’en profiter. Je garde un souvenir précieux de lui et je suis très triste qu’il soit parti si tôt. Je sais qu’il va cruellement manquer à ses amis, à sa famille et surtout ses enfants. Tous doivent être anéantis par sa disparition. Andrew était une belle personne.

Fred & Berty Mickleburgh

The day you passed away was the day the fire protection industry lost the most unique and special person, simply known as “Beany”. Beany was the most recognised name in fire protection and everyone in the industry even if they had never met him, surely would have heard of him. You and birdy always trusted us and helped us along the way so Berty and myself will always endeavour to do our best for Sharpfibre, the company you built and loved. Rest In Peace Beany

Marc Middleton

Monsieur Sutters, my boss for 7 sad it was to hear that you are no longer with us. Back when I started, I was just a site translator for one of your French jobs but you allowed me to develop into other aspects of your business, making me feel that I was an important part of your France set-up. I learnt alot under your orders and I am thankfull for that. Always an understanding (if at times tempermental), you were always fair and interested in what was happening with your staff and crews, always ready to give advice when asked and, I dare say, to take advice from those who knew abit more about certain issues. Thank you boss for the opporunity and my deepest condolences to Justine, Ellie, Harriett and Mason for their loss. Que le Seigneur te ramène auprès de Lui, et que ton repos soit éternel en son sein.


to Paul (Birdy) Beany's family and all, a shock today i learned you had passed away my thoughts are with you all,from an old school friend rest in peace forever in the hearts of the one's you loved


Beany it was a great shock and unbelieveable to hear u d passed away just yesterday evening.You are such a nice person and full of life,we in france can never forget you beany.You tried as much to make everyone happy,i will never forget how you use to take us out for a drink and always making jokes and making sure everyone is united as one.To be honest you have no differnce with the color,language,country,age,and educational level,you treated everyone equaly with a respect.You will always be my hero Beany.You are not only a big lost to England but to France as well,because all the Industries Companys, will never forget the great part you played in developing the are a man of ur word.i must say i am lucky enough to know you and i am proud of you.may your soul rest in peace and you will always be in my thoughts forever.RESPECT

Brett (Bertie Bassett) Sherwin

Beany, my friend, colleague, golfing partner, drinking partner (until 10pm!), and all round top man. Even now, a week on from hearing the numbing news, I look at my phone and wonder why it's not ringing that much!! A real golden hearted man who will be sadly missed by everyone who knows you. I love you dearly mate and still can not believe you aren't here. My thoughts are with all of the family, including the Sharpfibre clan, I know how much I hurt, and can not comprehend the pain you all must be feeling right now. Much love and best wishes, some great memories to be cherished xxx

Wilf Butcher

I would like to express my sincere condolences to Beany’s family and all of the team at Sharpfibre at such a very sad loss. My thoughts and those of my colleagues at the ASFP are with you all at this very difficult time.

David Chatfield "The Lesser Spotted"

Pow ! you've knocked me out. My sparring partner. Never a dull moment with your knockout tongue. A name for everybody and mine was the best. " The Lesser Spotted Chatfield " .Where did you get them from ? A huge void has appeared, It was all just so much "FUN". A true gent, friend and customer. My heart goes out to your family and friends. This is "Adios and not Goodbye" Love you always mate .Dave Chatfield xxx


We lost a great friend and we miss him a lot

Peter Gannon

Om behalf of Watson Steel, I would like to pass on our condolences to Andrew's family and friends. I met Andrew on a number of occasions. He was always welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic. He will be a loss, both to the industry and on a personal level

Big Brother Sharpfibre House France

Beany (Peter Pan), our operations director (France), live in landlord and most of all our dear friend! The house has fallen silent since you have departed, there is a huge hole left in our lives. We all took for granted your arrival every week, movie time in the evenings and the banter regarding whatever subject was on the agenda each evening. How we wish we could change things and have these times back again already! You will be sorely missed by all the lads in the house as you were our fatherhood figure when we were all together. We will push on regarding your wishes of the future of France and know you are watching over us all the time and with us. Sleep tight our ‘Grand Patron’ until we are all reunited again. Your ‘lost boys’ in France.

Ian Lawrence

The day we lost you is a day I will never forget. Not only have I lost my boss, I feel I have lost a good friend. Mine and Lou's thoughts go out to Justine, and all your family. We are thinking of you all at this very sad time . R.I.P Beany.


Hello mr bennie,Just got the sad news today,Its so painful to hear that you are no more with us......I pray almighty God will give your wife and kids the heart to contain this.........we love you all but God loves you more.........R.I.P SIR

John Levy

There are great memories of great times with you Beany. Your love for life, family and friends made you what you are and what you will always be. You are much love and much missed. Forever in your debt. John


The Fire Protection Industry is just like a big extended family and we have unfortunately lost one of them far too soon. Beany you will never ever be forgotten and your passion and enthusiasm will no doubt live on through Sharpfibre. Our thoughts and prayers are with your dear family, friends and colleagues at this heart wrenching time and hope that they can find some comfort and some strength in all the kind words from people who so obviously adored you May you rest in peace Beany from all at Firetherm

Colin Levett

Still a little hard to comprehend what's happened to be honest..I had the pleasure of meeting "Beany" as a lad of 18 in 1988 & was employed by him for his,Birdy & Stuart Whitelaw's new company....Sharpfibre Ltd.. I remember working away with Beany in Chippenham,Devizes for quite a few weeks at an open prison,it was the summer months & he used to work all day in a pair of cartoon pictured boxer shorts & a toolbelt.Now being only 18,I thought this rather amusing & severe banter ensued to which Beany gave as good as he got... R.I.P big man.. Nicole Harvey & Colin Levett

Winston Huth-Wallis

Andy, You were larger than life and a credit to all who knew you. You left your mark on all of us.

John Stimson

R.I.P Beany from all at MITIE FP who have had the pleasure to have known or worked with you over the last 25 years. You will be sorely missed by the industry.


They say only the good die young and this is the case with you Mr Sutters - You were a top bloke who will be clearly missed by so many. I will miss you a lot man - i'll miss the banter we shared when Spurs played chelsea, it never mattered who won. I'll miss sharing a jug of sangria with you , i'll miss the abusive answer messages you left me if I missed your call, i'll miss our golf trips to Spain, i'll miss the swearing echoing across the fareway, i'll miss our friendly wagers around the golf course, i'll miss your huge personality, i'll miss the man hug we shared whenever we met, i'll miss those upturned collars, i'll miss just having a chat with you .... it's not right and it seems so unfair that you have left us all too soon but I am grateful to have known you over the last 15 years and proud to have had you as a friend. I will miss you a lot man and I know I am not alone in my grief for you - The upstairs bar will now be a much brighter, louder and happier place - Mr Skindog x


oh beany what a big loss one of the old crew, birdy, ell, niel carroll, tony, apache, blibby, clarky, laws,pete etc. i think i can say on behalf of most of us that our memories of our youth brabwell burn ups you always had the best car, to putting a bit of makeup on liking adam ant and drinking perno and black, what a funny and unique guy, never saw you sad. always with a smile and that laugh. i would like to think that through your sad loss that the old crew will get together realising that life is not as long as you think. thanks for the memories


I only met Beany a year ago but it seemed like I had known him for ages. He was what we call a "Bon vivant" in French. He enjoyed good wine and was always ready to pour out a glass of St-Emilion for everyone. I was really looking forward to working with you Beany. I'll miss you a lot.

Tom Dellor

To Beany my friend my mentor for the last 17 years . My heart goes out to Justine and all the family. At your service always Tom.

I am writing on behalf of Southend YMCA to send you our deepest sympathies for the sad loss of Beany. On a personal level, we know Beany was a dear friend to our staff and on a professional level, we greatly valued his expertise and advice and hugely appreciated the kindness he & Sharpfibre Limited showed to our young people when offering them employment. As an organisation, we deal with external agencies every day of the week and Beany was so very much more than a professional contact. He had a generosity of spirit, big heart and enormous capacity for compassion and empathy for the work we do with our vulnerable young people. The lives of those in contact with Beany were richer for having known him and his loss will be deeply and profoundly felt. Please pass on our condolences to his friends, colleagues and family and know our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time.

Clare Goonetta Kay

What a great person to do business with. Always a laugh and never a pain. Such a kind person too. Beany provided me with two of the best days of my life 1) a seat in the spurs box to watch spurs v AFC. AFC won three one but the best bit was that I met Dennis Bergkamp , shook his hand and did not wash it for days. 2) a seat to watch AFC complete the unbeaten league run at Highbury. What moments of joy for me - and made possible by a marvelous spurs fan !! It's so sad such a genuine friendly and kind man has gone far too soon from all our lives. It's not fair.

Mum and Dad

To lose someone so special is really hard to bear it hardly seems believable that you are no longer there. You left us far too early before your time it seems and now you'll never have the chance to fulfil all those dreams. However hard it is though we'll take comfort in the thought of all the memories we have and the happiness you brought. You always lived life to the full but ours won't be the same until the day when we can see your smiling face again. In loving Memory of a Special Son xx

Tom Deller

To Beany, my friend and mentor for the last 17 years, my heart goes out to Justine and all the family, at your service always. Tom.

carolyn wood bourret

In all my years as a language teacher I never had a student quite like you Beany. Getting your Essex accent around those French words was something else and we had such a laugh ! It was an honour to have known you - your whole attitude to life and work has certainly changed mine ! You will be deeply missed by all over here in France. "reposez-vous en paix..... au revoir Beany"

Jake Harvey

Beany- Words cannot express how much of a terrible shock it was to hear you'd passed away and it still doesn't feel real. I've known you my entire life since before I could walk or talk and always thought of you as an uncle, I can say without a doubt you're one of the greatest people I've had the good fortune to meet. You had a heart of gold and always had time for me from when I was an irritating little kid up until the last time we met, I can still hear your laugh even as I write this! My thoughts go out to Justine and your kids in this difficult time, it was an honour and a pleasure knowing you and I hope wherever you are you find peace, you'll always be missed.

jackie Wellman

Beany was a great friend and mentor to my son Tom Deller, he always looked out for him, Thank you. Jackie

Operations Division

Beany, the original captain. It was always an honour to play golf in YOUR team, as no matter who was captain that year it was always your team. We will miss your inspirational speeches "look yourselves in the mirror" being one we will all remember with fondness and a chuckle. We played with fear of letting you down in the past. We will play with PRIDE for what you built in the future. Your initials will forever be on our shirts and your place will forever be in the team. Sleep well Captain.

Jivko Jekov (Angel)

News of your sudden death is so unreal,it was a great pieasure tohave known you and to have beenpart of your work force sharpfibre will never be quite the same without you.My thoughts go out to all your family may you R.I.P

Barry and Allsorts

Beany- We are pround and will always be pround to beable to call you a true friend. We met many years ago as we remember 1986, and shortly after we bought your pride and joy black XJS plate 510 BEL fitted with special blue neon lights that we didn't know about until the police stopped us and told us they were illegal along with the black and silver numberplate! We continued to lend it to you for the weekends so you could impress Justine! It was the start of a long and fulfilling friendship. We saw each other virtually on a daily basis, we watched your business and family flourish. Our friendship led to you becoming my boss when I worked on B4/B5 in Canary Wharf and later Citypoint and I became Barry Mercury which I didn't find out until the day I left! Our relationship never changed which demonstrates your strength as a leader. We saw little of you and Justine when we moved to Spain and later Costa Rica and now Uruguay, but hardly a week has gone by without us telling a Beany story, now translated into Spanish. Your larger than life personality, generosity, humour and business acumen lives on not only in Europe but Central and South America. Glad we saw you last May when we were back briefly in the UK. Sharing a chinese and a few drinks with you and your family was just like old times. It shows with true friendship that time and distance make no difference. We will continue thinking of you and whenever we hear the quote 'generous to a fault' your name will continue spring to mind as this is how we remember you. Our thoughts and love are with Justine, Ellie, Harriet and Mason. and everyone who was lucky enough to know you.

Mr & Mrs Legs

Beany – You were a friend to Helen and I before you were my boss – we remember with a smile our nights out with you and Justine - You were always first at the bar to get a round in - your evening often ended with a purple tongue from all the Pernod & black! I am so glad we bumped into each other last Saturday and had a coffee and catch up – we shook hands and parted as we had started all those years ago – as mates. You made me laugh as you told the manager in Costa how to rearrange her coffee bar, as you did not want to pay for a sit down when there were no free seats! Beany you will leave a massive hole in everyone’s lives – you will never be forgotten as a friend and boss. Rest in Peace Beany. P.S. I promise to keep my plant book up to date….

Freddie Lauritzen

It’s been an honour to know you and work with you for so many years. It will never be the same to come to your office or travel to Paris again. You have put your mark on Sharpfibre and I know that everybody there will miss you and work hard to make sure all your efforts are not wasted. Nothing I can say or do will make anything better for your family, but I hope to be able to support them and your business forever. You behave and keep an eye on us all from above.

Ivan & graham

God bless you beany, You will be missed by many May you rest in piece. Are thoughts are with justine and family.

Cafff (birdy's boss)

Beany it was a privilege to have known you, you will be sadly missed. Love forever cafff xxx

Melissa Sanderson

Never would I off thought you would off gone so young! But I'm so glad that I had the pleasure off knowing you for so long, you was always getting the blame at my party's for getting everyone drunk didn't help that you used to buy half the corner shop alcohol when we run out!! You was so kind to everyone,always putting people first before yourself. I was just laughing at your picture with you in them Burberry shorts you loved them!! Everyone is so proud off you of what you've achieved in life With sharp fibre where I did my work experience and did nothing but play golf in the office haha!! It's hurt all of our hearts to hear this very sad news and I will miss you so much you was like an uncle to me and I'll never forget you or the memories we've shared the laughs the tears and also a lot of food together in your favourite restaurants were we ordered EVERYTHING!! Your such a special man to me and will always be in my heart. My thoughts are with your beautiful family and I promise when I lend ellie dresses they won't be short just like you said! Rest in peace Love you Melissa Sanderson Sleep tight xxxxxxxxxxxx

Melissa Sanderson

Frankie & Jale

Sat next to you in that office for 7 years... Knew you for a lot longer . Shared some great times as well as some tougher times. You'll be missed. Regrets, only one, that I should have let watch that Lord of the Rings DVD....Frankie x


Neil was childhood friends with Beany from an early age. They shared many great times together and my first encounter with Beany was in 1981 when I met Neil. They had the latest haircuts, spent hours doing up their cars at weekends and just made each other laugh! Beany's laugh has always been so infectious and anyone around him at the time would end up in tears. Once, when Beany attempted to drive a Robin Reliant off his mum's drive he stalled it so many times because he and Neil couldn't stop laughing! He was a kind, generous person and nothing was too much trouble. We are so proud of his achievements both with the company which has grown and grown and the wonderful family he built for himself. Our sincere love and thoughts go to Justine, Elle, Harriet, Mason and of course Stewart, Lyn, Brenda and Tony not forgetting Birdie! Rest in peace Beany and thank you for being a wonderful friend. Always in our thoughts and sorely missed. Always Claire, Neil & Louise x x x

Steve and Michelle Coughlan

Beany, our Sundays will never be the same. We have loved getting to know you and your lovely family through the Vikings football team. Your passion for the team and life in general is infectious and I will always cherish the Alton towers trip with you leading the moose chorus. You know the club will never forget you and we plan to name a trophy in your honour. You were a true gentleman and its been an privilege to call you friend. Our thoughts are with Justine, Elliee, Harriet and Mason at this sad time. Love Steve, Michelle, Holly and Amy. xxxx

Nikki (birdy's daughter)

It was a privilege to have known you. You had a heart of gold, a very very special man. I classed you as an uncle, dads gonna take care of your family as we know you would our family. Forever missed. Xxxxx


Beany, We have known you for such a long time in our lives. You have have always looked after us, always kind and generous to us all. We have very good memories of you especially at our parties, we have the pictures. You were very proud of what you have achieved with Paul in Sharpfibre over the last 25 years. Remember the times when Mark used to come back to the yard with a strop, and you used to say :oh here he comes the dolly has been thrown out of the pram:. Mark was privileged and proud to work for you for a very long time. All our thoughts are with Justine, Elle, Harriet, Mason, Tony, Brenda, Stuart and Paul. Until we meet again our dear friend xxx

Adi Richards

Beany, I had the pleasure of working under you for the last two and half years and got to work with you out in France with was a great laugh with you, great great guy and will b sadly missed by many! R.I.P buddy

Kath and Dick Mann (Parents) of Rick and Dave.

We can't put into words how Sad we and our Boys feel at This Very Sad time Rick the last 12 years and David long before that Rest in Pease BEANY

Colin Smart

I had the pleasure of working and becoming friends with Beany back in 1990. Even though I left the company 12 years ago we stayed in touch, because Beany was the type of man you would want as a friend. My fond memories include summers down the Hope Hotel, with his very first mobile and filofax weighing down the bar, (true Delboy style !) the first game of Killer he ever won, him dancing round drunk to Losing My Religion, cards nights and football at the office and most of all our ribbing and paying out for the failures of each others football teams... Going to miss them texts on those odd occasions when Tottenham won. Going to miss you Bean, hope we bump into each other again one day. My thoughts are with you Justine, your family and all at Sharpfibre x Smarty

Brenda & Tony Sutters

Words are not enough to say how heartbroken we are to lose our precious and so dearly loved son Andrew.He was a beloved grandson, adored by his nans - please take great care of him for us till we can be together again. So very proud of you and will love you always. Mum and Dad XX

Lesley O'Shea

Beany, gone but you will never be forgotten. You were a wonderful friend and I used to love our banter about Arsenal and Spurs, I will miss you very much. I can only echo Tonys words and say your face as you got off the ride at Alton Towers will stay with me forever, we had some great laughs. Sunday mornings at football will never be the same, you have left a big hole in the team that will never be filled and I hope the girls do you proud this year and win the league. Our 1st match against Spurs will be very emotional and you will be in all our thoughts. We will always be there for Justine, Ellie, Harriett and Mason and hope to see you again one day in the future.

Tony & Carley George

I will truly miss our Sunday mornings together setting up the girls football with you and mason, you was a true friend to me and my family. We have had some great times with the girls team and I will never forget your face when you got of the ride a Alton towers truly a picture. It is now our turn to take care of your family now we will be there always goodnight Beany love Tony, Carley, Nancy, Phoebe xxxx

Mark & Karen

Beany-A true friend. Over the past few years we have had so many fun times and you have been a massive support to our family especially this last year! Our weekends will never be the same again and I know Mark will miss his Friday night Beany phone call from you mate! We are so grateful that we were privileged to spend Saturday night together and you got to sample my home cooking which you seemed to enjoy! My memory of you and Justine cuddled up on our settee will be a memory that I will cherish forever...Our final promise to you is that we will be there every step of the way for Justine,Elle,Hariet and Mason. Gone but never forgotten-Miss you mate. Sleep tight. Mark,Karen,Tayla & Owen XXXX

Russ Coopey

Even though I haven’t known you very long you made an impact on my were a great person and had a heart of gold. You will be missed greatly but I know you’ll be keeping an eye on all the Sharpfibre boys from up there. Rest in peace Beany

Gareth Dean

Beany, I remember the kind words of sympathy you sent me when we lost Sean, I would never have imagined that I would now be offering words of sympathy to Justine and your family only 4 months later. A tragic loss and a reminder to all of how precious life is. Keep my lad safe up there and do not try to corrupt him with your choice of football team!

Wim D'Oosterlinck

I will always remember my friendship with Andy despite some heavy discussions we had when we worked together in Paris. We always settled our arguments with a handshake based on mutual trust and understanding. The evenings out in Paris were always big fun and on my side always a struggle to keep up with the boiling energy of Andy. He taught the French a lesson in fire spray and was so proud when England won the selection to host the Olympic Games before the French. He was always driven to win and laughed at the French police when they couldn’t catch him when he was ‘flying’ from Paris to Calais. The industry lost a colorful man who couldn't deny his presence. Thanks Andy for the time we worked together. My thoughts are with Andy’s family and all at Sharpfibre.


To Beany when we were together it was like Morcambe and Wise we could hold the show, you were my boss,my freind,and more importantly you made me who I am today thank you Beany love to Justine,Ellie,Harriot and Mason you will be missed

Paul Harvey

Beany, My partner, my best friend, my right arm and my brother from another mother Save me the seat next to you. Birdy

gaynor renouf

my memories of beany will always be of our times at the lane watching spurs v liverpool what great days we had, he was a great character and will be missed by so many , my thoughts are with Justine and the family and to all at Sharpfibre. god bless beany

carl coopey

beany, funny but we only new each other for two and odd years but we got on well , i thank you for giving me the run of the wales ,and thanks for your trust to let me do what i always wanted to do? ill miss our banter on week ends always with bs and cs included BEANY i thank you for every thing .you where the best boss and a mate i will miss you loads. ill give you a very good send off trust me honest. im glad we had our last chat on sun last . boss you rest in peace.. and ill keep a eye on birdie.xx carl

Steve Cox

I first met Andy when we were working on the CityPoint project in London back in 1998. he was agreat character who always exuded such a positive outlook on life. Andy you will be sorely missed by the industry. My heart goes out to those you have left behind.


Beany was a one off. He always had a smile and it is that and his friendly way that we will always remember him for. We had many a laugh with him and Justine down the Silver Jubilee ! Our thoughts are with Justine and the children and of course all his family and collegues. Rest in peace Special Man

Dan Sanderson

I was three years old when I met beany a, now 25 and my dad worked for him for 20 years but he was a very very close person to my family I grew up knowing beany andhe was the most kindest funniest man he had a heart of gold that touched me and my family dearly you will never be forgotten mate my family and I think so much of you and we are all so upset I will never forget all the times we have all spent together with you and your family. You built a massive company that I watch grow my hole life I see it from a tiny company to what it is now a legacy that you leave behind sharpfibre will always remind me of you mate and I will never ever throw my sharpfibre overalls away now.. My heart goes out to your family beany and will be there for them whenever I can be you will be sorely missed by many people you were a great and and it was an honor to have known you for so long and to be a big part of me and my family's life may you rest in peace my good friend until we get to see you again all my love dan Sanderson

Charlotte Massey

Beany, you were a true character , you will be hugely missed may you rest in peace .my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends

Mike Wark

Has been many years since I last saw Andy and I am saddened to hear this shocking news. May you rest in peace Andy.

Gary Wicks

It is with great sadness that we have lost a true character from our industry. Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.He will be missed!

Mark Hutchinson

Beany I remember working for you on city bank canary wharf how you used to look after us all on a Friday night and take us out for a meal and a drink the laughs we used to have when the American guy Jin used to come over and I used to take his Accent off and you used to fall about laughing when my daughter was born the same time as yours we used understand each other thinking of you and your family Mark Hutchinson 'Hutch' x

Martin Potter

Thanks for your infectious laugh and always having a smile. The Lane will never be the same without you. You are in our prayers.


I have been blessed to have been friends with Beany 33 years! So many very fond and funny memories to treasure. I remember him telling me he'd met a girl on holiday. He had such a sparkle in his eye! Of course it was Justine and from that day on he loved her dearly. Their 3 children are a credit to them both, and Beany always wanted the best for them. 25 years ago I remember him at my parents house discussing the idea of starting the business Sharfibre with Birdie. I told him he was mad borrowing money to do this! (Good job he didn't listen to me!) He was very proud to say Stewart his little brother would design the logo for the company and the 2 vans. Now look at the business! Beany was a most loyal friend; kind, caring, thoughtful, generous, a great dancer, a poser! When he was young and had hair, he ALWAYS had a comb in his back pocket! He Loved his cars, he was funny, knew how to party, hardworking, always helping others ..... The list goes on! He was just a beautiful soul whom I loved dearly and will be missed SO MUCH, but NEVER Forgotten! God Bless Beany, Thank you for touching my life in such an extraodinary way! Part of you will always be in my heart x

David O'Shea

Beany will be missed by everyone involved at the Assandun Viking Club. His legacy will carry on at the club as we plan to have an annual award in his memory. Our prayers and thoughts are with Justine, Ellie, Harriett and Mason.

Dave Harper

Beany, we did our best for him on Monday but it wasn’t enough. The office will be a quieter place without him and we will miss his enthusiasm and his presence. The industry will be a quieter place without him and those French never really got to know what was going to hit them. Never going to forget him on our trips away, slurping down the ‘vin rouge’ in the evening, silly colour drinks and then first one to bed and always the keenest golfer. We are all going to miss him. Sleep well

Mr T

Beany baby ! I find it so very hard to hold back the tears now, but whenever I think of you in future, it will always be with a smile as I remember all the happy times we had. God bless you my friend -have a safe journey Until the next time - Love Mr T xx

Stewart Sutters

Big Bruv… Thank you for giving me 46 years of being your little Bruv. You have always been the best bruv anyone can ask for. You looked out for me when we were kids, when we were at school, my best man when I married Lyn, and you looked out for me with my business. It is now my turn to step up to become "big bruv" and look out for Justine, Elle, Harriet and Mason and Mum & Dad. I promise I will always look out and care for them all. You will always be in my thoughts forever. Bruv xxx

Dan Bacon

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew on a few Sharpfibre web projects with Stewart (Andrew's brother). He was a louder than life character that will be missed